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Welcome to Portland State University!

We are the Portland State University chapter of the American Association of University Professors (PSU-AAUP) and represent Tenure-Track Faculty, Non-Tenure-Track Faculty, and Academic Professionals. We are the largest of 6 unions that represent the employees of Portland State. Nearly all employees at PSU are members of the union and pay member dues for collective bargaining and contract enforcement.

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2021-2024 Collective Bargaining Agreement2021-2024 Contract Guide

             2021-2024 CBA                2021-2024 Contract Guide


New Employee Welcome LetterMembership ApplicationPSU-AAUP Orientation Sessions Sign-Up

      New Employee Welcome               Member Application             AAUP Orientation Sign-Up


Weingarten Rights: Know Your Rights

   Why Join? Here's 3 Reasons             Common Questions                    Weingarten Rights


Our Union on CampusPSU-AAUP At-a-GlanceChapter Structure

        Our Union on Campus              PSU-AAUP At-a-Glance                  Chapter Structure



        Every Member Matters


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