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Know Your Rights

WEINGARTEN RIGHTS: What you need to know

Chapter staff and Executive Council members periodically receive reports from PSU-AAUP members about disciplinary meetings which are not formally declared to be disciplinary meetings.

Please watch this 10-minute video to understand what your rights are (and are not) when called to a meeting of any kind that could potentially lead to a sanction (discipline), a change in working conditions, or termination of employment.





How will a Union Representative help me in a disciplinary meeting?
Perhaps the most important role for a union representative in these situations is to help you prepare for the meeting. A short conversation before the disciplinary meeting begins is crucial.

An important thing to keep in mind is that a union representative is NOT there to conduct the investigation. They will not ask questions (in the sense of “questioning the witness”). The right to investigate belongs to the employer. The role of a union representative or staff person in such a meeting is, first and foremost, to safeguard your right to proper procedure and due process.

While the odds that you’ll end up in such a situation are low, it’s important to be prepared! Again, please watch that short video and keep your Weingarten Rights card handy.