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Collective Bargaining

We at PSU-AAUP take pride in supporting everyone in our bargaining unit. We represent over 1,200 Portland State Faculty and Academic Professionals at the bargaining table, through the grievance process, and legislative work at the Capitol. 

Collective Bargaining for your workplace rights is at the heart of all that we do here at PSU-AAUP.  We strive to maintain high standards in your workplace because we believe that University working conditions are student learning conditions. Whether at the bargaining table or engaging with University administrators to maintain the current contract PSU-AAUP is working for you!

Meet the Collective Bargaining Team!

To get the scoop on current negotiations, please visit our Collective Bargaining blog.

Find our current Collective Bargaining Agreement here.


Video Series: All About Bargaining

Check out our video series presented by Bryan Lally, our Executive Director,  Contract Enforcement & Bargaining. Closed Captioning and transcripts can be accessed in those links below: 


           Intro to Bargaining                                           Subjects of Bargaining


            Approaches to Bargaining                                Bargaining Timelines



          What it Takes to be Strike Ready


Your Rights as a Member

What do you need to know? Check out our information and helpful video on Weingarten Rights


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