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The PSU-AAUP Executive Council appoints members to represent members on PSU-AAUP Bylaw Committees, and on University committees, task forces, strategic initiatives and any other external workgroup to which PSU-AAUP has been to send, nominate or appoint a representative.

Members who accept appointment to represent PSU-AAUP accept a duty to represent the Association that includes the following:

  1. Reporting back to the PSU-AAUP President on a regular basis the progress in the committee.
  2. Bringing all decisions to be made in the committee back to the PSU-AAUP President prior to casting a vote on behalf of PSU-AAUP with enough advance notice that the Executive Council has suffiicent time to give direction to the representative on how to vote.
  3. Alerting the PSU-AAUP President to positions taken by other members of the workgroup that are antagonistic to the interests of PSU-AAUP.
  4. Reporting to the Executive Council about the progress in committee as requested, and on a regular basis.

All appointments will follow Association Policy 07