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Winter membership meeting re-cap

March 12, 2024 / PSU-AAUP

AAUP Member Group Photo

So good to see our members at our February 22nd general membership meeting and to celebrate our colleagues' work getting ready to win the contract we deserve! We were 84 members strong between in-person and online. Collectively, we’ve signed up 44 new members since January! This represents our best stretch of organizing in some time and is a good step towards the rank and file power we’ll need in each unit and department to be prepared for bargaining this summer. 

Next steps to prepare your unit or department for the best possible contract wins: Here is the link for non-members to join our union. And here is the link for the bargaining survey for members to submit. The more each of us brings our units and departments to supermajority on both membership and the bargaining survey, the more all 1,100 of us will be ready to participate in winning a great contract.

Here’s a rubric for our organizing conversations:
  • Share what you want to see improved with a coworker 1:1
  • Ask them what they want to see improved in this contract
  • Agitation on issues: what does their issue look like 5 years from now, how does it impact their housing/family/students, how much longer can they put up with it? 
  • Direct ask: will you stand with me to fix these things through (signing up for the union/filling out the bargaining survey)? 
  • Move them to action: who do they know, who can they encourage to fill out the bargaining survey and become a member? 
  • Time sensitive follow up: set a time to circle back and see how it went. If it’s within 48 hours they’ll be more likely to have the conversation, if it’s two weeks away they’ll be less likely to.
Looking for more ways to build our union? Help us gain new CAT Team members, unit reps, and more by volunteering HERE

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