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Video - Bargaining the Next Contract: What all members need to know now

July 20, 2023 / PSU-AAUP

What Every Member Needs to Know about 2024 Bargaining

Welcome to this new summer video series about the ins and outs of bargaining! These very short videos will contain crucial information that you, as an AAUP member, will need to know for AY 2023 - 2024.

Why now? It's so far away!
In late Spring 2024, bargaining will begin for the next contract between AAUP members and PSU Administration. That might seems far away, but we must all begin to prepare in Fall 2023 for this major bargaining round.

Because it will be major.

Everything will be on the table in 2024: salaries, cost-of-living increases, health and other insurance benefits - everything you see in the Table of Contents of the 2021 - 2024 Collective Bargaining Agreement could potentially be open to re-negotiation.

Your understanding of the process, the timelines, and the options available for direct action will be a key element in achieving a strong, new contract.

What's in the video series?
Over the next 8 weeks, you'll receive short (5 - 10 minute) informational videos by Bryan Lally, our Executive Director of Contract Enforcement & Bargaining.

Topics will include:
  • What does it mean to bargain a "successor contract"?
  • What can be bargained? Permissive vs. mandatory vs. prohibited subjects of bargaining
  • Why does it take so long?! PECBA timelines and deadlines
  • All About Strikes: Parts 1 & 2
As Bryan points out in the introductory video below, "The contract dictates a lot about the working conditions in your work life here at PSU. So the better agreement we can get, the better your work life can be."

Let's get started! 
Click here to watch the video on PSU-AAUP's YouTube channel.

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