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Update on AP TMIs

September 01, 2023 / PSU-AAUP

The union is working with HR and the Labor-Management Committee to troubleshoot any errors in the calculation of targeted market increases (TMIs), which, for APs receiving them, went into effect in July. TMIs are different from COLAs, advancement increases ($1,600), and level reassignment increases ($2,913).

Most APs who have contacted us with concerns about their TMIs believe that HR has underestimated “years in job,” which is an important factor in calculating the salary increase. “Years in job” for purposes of TMI is supposed to be the time an AP has been in their current job family and career track, which may be shorter than the time they have been employed at PSU.

Nevertheless, we have heard from APs that their years in job as reported by HR is shorter than the time they have been in their job family/career track.

We have asked HR to provide the information necessary to identify all such cases, but we also ask those of you who believe your TMI were miscalculated to provide this information directly to us by completing this questionnaire.

We appreciate your patience as we clarify and resolve any problems with the implementation of this newly bargained pay increase. We will continue to provide updates until we arrive at a resolution.

In solidarity,
Bryan Lally, Exec. Director, Contract Enforcement and Bargaining
David Kinsella, Vice President, Collective Bargaining

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