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Upcoming Spring Events

April 23, 2024 / PSU-AAUP

Upcoming Spring Events

RSVP here for our May 1st general membership meeting in SMSU 296/8 at 12 noon. All members’ attendance and participation in this meeting will be important as we’ll finalize our bargaining priorities for contract negotiations based on surveys and departmental listening sessions. If you haven’t already, this is the final opportunity to fill out your bargaining surveys. Bring your colleagues and share food and discuss bargaining priorities with new colleagues as we get ready to bargain next month.    

Dr. Cudd’s Investiture ceremony
Following the announcement by the Cudd administration and the Board to seek additional budget cuts this fall -and in getting ready to bargain a strong contract- we’re asking all PSU-AAUP members to wear PSU-AAUP t-shirts to Dr. Cudd’s Investiture ceremony. If you need a t-shirt please stop by the PSU-AAUP office in Smith Memorial 232. If you’d like to help share flyers about bargaining priorities with Investiture attendees, please reply to this email. 

Also - save the date for the next Board of Trustees Meeting. Friday, June 7 @ 9:30am-12:30pm // ASRC 515 or Zoom Meeting and joining info HERE

June Bargaining kick-off rally
RSVP here for our June 5th 12-noon bargaining kick-off rally on the Smith Memorial Student Union Park Blocks. Administrators will make an assessment of how strong we are going into bargaining based on attendance at this rally, so bring your colleagues, your family, and your union t-shirt.

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