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Massive May 1st Membership Meeting

May 21, 2024 / PSU-AAUP

Zoom screenshot of membership meeting
Zoom screenshot of membership meeting
Congratulations to you and your co-workers who turned out in force for our General Membership Meeting on May 1st, International Workers’ Day! Our zoom was at capacity, and several folks who wanted to attend were locked out of the zoom room. The meeting was recorded, so if you’d like access to the recording please email 

During the meeting Vice President for Collective Bargaining, David Kinsella, offered an overview of bargaining survey results, highlighting members’ responses to their greatest and highest priority concerns for an improved and just contract. 

You and your co-workers also brainstormed chants, slogans, and other verbiage for rallies and visual campaign materials. We’ll be using these in the coming days, weeks, and months! If you think of another good chant or slogan, pass it on!

Here are some favorites: 
  • Working conditions = learning conditions 
  • Cutting programs ✂️ cutting people 
  • Do what’s right. Do what’s prudent. Care for those who care for students. 
  • If we survive, our students thrive 
  • Prioritize People, Not Pavilions: Invest in Communities, Not Concrete  
  • COLAs can’t keep up, PSU needs to pony up! 
  • Let Unions Serve the City! 
  • We can’t eat prestige  
  • Compensation for translation 
Each time you and your co-workers show up and show your union pride by wearing PSU-AAUP t-shirts on Wednesdays, by using PSU-AAUP Zoom backgrounds, you are doing the necessary work to win a good contract that you and your co-workers deserve.

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