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Assignment to to cubicle farm reversed

December 04, 2017 / PSU-AAUP

We reported on November 15 that a large group of faculty had been assigned to a cubicle farm in MCB  while their Neuberger Hall offices were being renovated. Eleven faculty members adviswed PSU-AAUP of their desire to file a grievance. The faculty members reached out to the Dean's office advising of their discontent while PSU-AAUP prepared a group grievance to be filed if the informal process with the Dean was not successful.

The Dean found a solution for the faculty members that was satisfactory to all potential grievants. The faculty members who needed individual space were provided individual space. While the department is not housed together during the renovation, all feel this was a workable solution- far better than the cubicle farm in MCB. There is no longer a need for a grievance.

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