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Promoting Quality Higher Education– An Investment in Oregon’s Future


AAUP-OR Teach-in for Legislative Action

May 21, 2024 / PSU-AAUP

Saturday, June 1, 10AM-noon
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Stagnating wages. Decreasing departmental resources. Departing colleagues due to budget cuts or better private-sector opportunities. These are all too common symptoms of Oregon’s lack of funding for higher education.

Administrators often over-rely on austerity measures to control staff and faculty costs while allowing their own ranks to bloat. The result is that we can no longer maintain a diverse offering of academic programs, support essential student services, or foster the development of the next generation of workers and scholars.

In response, we’re organizing an online teach-in for our annual meeting to discuss and address Oregon’s funding crisis in higher education. We’ll present data illustrating the depth of the crisis, followed by a panel discussion with two legislative allies, Senator Lew Frederick and Representative Ben Bowman, to hear about their work supporting higher education and what we can do to help.
Your participation amplifies our voice and increases pressure on policymakers to prioritize funding for our institutions. Please join us to help demonstrate the power we can bring to bear on this issue that greatly affects us all.

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