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All current dues-paying PSU-AAUP Members are entitled to up to $58 per year in regalia purchase or rental reimbursement.

Rentals: If you choose to rent your regalia, rentals are entitled to a one-time payment of up to $58. You can submit a new request each year you rent regalia.

Purchases: If you choose to purchase your regalia, you will be reimbursed in $58 yearly increments until your original purchase prices is completely reimbursed. We will send checks around the beginning of each calendar year.


To receive your regalia reimbursement benefit, please email, or send via campus mail (mail code: AAUP) the following:

  1. Copy of itemized receipt for regalia rental or purchase (including name of company, date, and total cost).
  2. Your personal phone number (not PSU office) and the mailing address of where you’d like your reimbursement check to be sent.